The Satisfaction Of Soul

The world is full of unsatisfied souls minds and body. The only objective of the people of this world is to find the satisfaction of their soul, mind, and body.

The mind and body are satisfied easily with the small efforts and the worldly pleasure but the satisfaction of one’s soul is way more difficult and complex. When the soul of the person is satisfied the person is free from all kind of stress, strain, attachment, sorrow and many otherworldly possessions which he is fond of and thinks that it will stay with him for forever.

The satisfied soul is with everyone but it is alone. It feels happiness and sadness the same way as any other person but all these things never affect a satisfied soul. The eternal calmness in his mind and heart spreads a positive aura around him and no negative energy could ever cross his aura. It transforms the evil into good.

But the biggest question is how?

How can we satisfy our soul?

The most simple and practical answer to this question is to follow the light of truth, show empathy and help others. The soul inside is you are as pure a newborn child and its nature is to help, spread love and happiness but when we grow up all these virtues fades away.

This leaves our soul unsatisfied and hungry and we keep on looking for satisfaction.


“Follow the lights of truth, empathy and love and satisfy the child inside you and feel blissful”.

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